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Imagine Artwear
Hobbes - 1986-2005 - In celebration of a Long Life for Everyone's Dearly Beloved Four-Legged Friend - Flags fluttered gently in the breeze saluting the memory of a seasoned Old Town Retail Veteran. It was a beautiful sunny morning with blue skies, when Hobbes, aged 18  years old passed away peacefully on Tuesday, 15th March 2005. There is no need for mournful sadness at the passing of our beloved Hobbes. Indeed, his legacy will always be plethora of memories in celebration of a very long and fruitful life, with a myriad of anecdotes of events that will always bring joy and laughter - and, maybe, just a few tears. Everyone he greeted as they entered Imagine Artwear in Old Town was immediately captivated by his charm and that irrepressible twinkle in his eye. Male or female, adult or child, they all fell in love with him. He had the knack of knowing, with his discernible dog instinct, how to put customers at ease and make their shopping experience and enjoyable one. After all, retail was his second name. And now, after many, many years, the shop doorway that always featured Hobbes sitting on the floor looking out ready to great old and new friends seems somewhat bereft and empty, as our Old Town Retail Veteran takes his very last walk toward the long green mile. - Eulogy by Mary Mills
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